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Do YOU want to paint and model to a very nice standard ? on these pages I'm going top show you how !

We are going to start with the basics and work our way up , to the really technical stuff....and whats more if you subscribe to Dads Armies, we shall have a free to enter painting contest with prizes given to the best entries. and of course for your painting pleasure all the products you will need will be available right here on this site !.

Lesson 1 The Basics.

First of all you must have a place to work unhindered, this should be well lit and ventilated. Plenty of light is really important especially when we get to the really technical stuff . A good thing to invest in is a decent table lamp with daylight bulb. If you're using Mums/Girlfriend/Grandparents kitchen table make sure you put

a covering on the table, acrylic paint is really hard to clean off a nice table or carpet.

A container for clean water is essential, add a drop of soap liquid to this to break the water tension , If you have a condenser style clothes dryer , the water in the reservoir is excellent for painting as its been condensed

and softened. Invest in some decent paintbrushes, personally I prefer triangular handles as they sit nicely in my hand for marathon paint sessions. In the coming sessions we will be exploring  basing , modeling , painting and other techniques to really make your models  stand out  .

Here we have a really messy work area , with no organisation

Here you can see a nice tidy area, with a workflow from left to

right , clean water and a nice desk lamp with all materials within easy reach.

Its not easy to keep it tidy but its a good habit to get into ! 


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