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Glues and Paints

A very cool product , colour changing chromatic paints, there are two sets(only set one pictured) , can be hand brushed or air brushed onto a model for a flip from gold to red to green depending on light and angle held.

Another very interesting product , this stuff makes spider webs , unfortunately it can only be airbrushed on . You will need the cleaner . (haven't used this product yet  its sitting on the side waiting a full review later on). 


 These paints are amazing , the best I have ever used with high pigmentation which gives clearer brighter colors , a little more expensive than other brands but the quality is second to none. they have a slower dry time  and they don't gum up as quickly as some other brands . Ready thinned for use straight from the dropper or in airbrush with minimal thinning . And if you think these are great 

the metallic range (coming soon) is awesome.

We stock all of the basic color range , boxed sets can be ordered upon request.

scale color 4.jpg
scale 75 3.jpg

 The black & White set  for painting in monochrome , a very interesting technique to learn  and stunning when executed properly.

scale 75 2.jpg

The Creatures From Hell Boxset

every shade of red for stunning effects. 

scale 75  1.jpg

The Shades of Doom Boxset, every color of " Darkness" the exact set that got me hooked on Scale 75 paints.

scale colour 5.jpg
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