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If you are new to 3d printing , its a amazing process , you download a model from your CAD (Computer Aided Design) program , send it to your printer and hey presto in a few hours a new model is yours.  Sadly it isn't as simple as that there are many processes involved in the production of a single miniature at Dads Armies we use a liquid resin printer, which models in high grade grey resin its known as SLA (Stereographic Litho graph Art) . As you  scroll down I'm going to  show you the processes of making a model figure.

 First thing you have to do is create your model in a CAD program , we have a talented artist in New Zealand who does that for us . Alas i cannot show you that process . This uploads from my computer to the printer , which calculates how long this will take, sometimes up to 11 hours for a very complex model.

Heres where the magic happens ! printing

to a density of just 1 micron , this is amazing stuff. !

The next stage is a nice chemical 

bath to wash the resin, this can take up to 2 hrs, here you can see Grand Moff 

Tarkin about to get washed.

The final stage after air drying for 20 minutes , is to bake at 75 degrees for

one hour to cure the resin. after all of this 

its time to clean up the model, removing sprues and supports, then hey presto 

a brand new model !

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